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Noun:  A short excursion or journey for pleasure.


Grocery Store Jaunts bring new life to your kitchen (and your body).


A Wake-Up Story

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What people are saying

Brandie has the healing touch- physically, mentally and spiritually- that few have. She listens intently to your needs and applies her vast knowledge of the body and nutrition to address the root cause of your concerns. Brandie is extremely personable and delightful to work with. I highly recommend her. – TG

I’ve been seeing Brandie for years now and can honestly say she is one of the best (if not the single best) massage therapist that I’ve come across. Brandie has a nurturing spirit that carries over in her work.  She is extremely intuitive and can determine areas that need attention without any guidance. She is well trained in many massage techniques and is passionate (and always learning) about anything related to body/mind health. I think Brandie is a true healer and a very rare, special person. -IV

Brandie is an extremely knowledgeable nutritionist with whom I recently toured Central Market grocery store. I gained an enormous amount of insight into the world of healthy eating. She is well-read in all the recent research supporting proper supplementation and how to select the most pure, healthy foods to nourish your body. She tailored her recommendations beautifully to meet the needs of my family. Her advice was practical and the suggestions she made have been easy to incorporate into our daily life. Brandie is an expert in her industry, and I highly recommend her services.  -KL

I highly recommend Brandie, as I have never felt more comfortable releasing tension as she offered incredible technique and a safe and loving environment. -CF