35 Gratitudes


June 8th, 2013

Today I’m 35.

On my 33rd birthday, I wrote a list of 33 things I’m grateful for.  I missed last year, but I’m going to pick this practice back up and make it an annual tradition.  So, here goes, y’all.  My life would absolutely not be the same without these things + people.

1.  my sweet Emmanuella Bay, who is nearly 1 year old and brings constant joy and growth into my life.

2.  Mark, my husband & life partner.  For his daily sacrifice and hard work to provide for our family.  And his silly ass.

3.  my mother, who has consistently spent at least one afternoon a week with Ella so I can see clients, get a massage, catch up on emails, or just sit at a coffee shop and do nothing (yeah, right).

4.  my dad and his commitment and love for our family

5.  Mark’s parents, Dee & Dave, and all of the generous ways they have supported us over the past year.

6.  my sister, Polly, Aunt “Oppie”, and her listening heart.

7.  my Nana and her thoughtful gifts to Ella

8.  friends who call to check in weekly and who listen, validate and encourage me unconditionally

9.  Our babysitting swap with Erin & Vivie!

10.  Our neighbors and landlords who take incredible care of our home & Ella

11.  Massage trades!!

12. Instagram.  For real.

13.  Whole Foods.

14.  Brene Brown

15.  Kombucha

16.  Pandora Radio

17.  Birthday texts from friends!

18.  hot showers

19.  Ecclesia

20.  This song


21.   And this one.

Beggin’ (Original Version)

22.  hot coffee

23.  rich relationships that embrace vulnerability and courage

24.  Pilates

25.  My nurse coach community- I get to participate in the shifting healthcare paradigm and it’s incredible.

26.  Friends filled with faith who keep me grounded and inspired

27.  Galveston, TX

28.  Carrie Contey

29.  healing & forgiveness

30.  GRACE

31.  breastfeeding

32.  essential oils

33.  our Houston Heights neighborhood

34.  s  l  e   e  p

35.  YOU!   Thank you for sharing in my list!  I hope it inspires gratitude in you.

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  1. Peggy June 10, 2013 8:11 am #

    Happy belated birthday.

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